Selling a domain name I own:

I sometimes buy domain names, related to ideas I have. So in the future if I decide to develop an app for, I will have the name reserved for me, before I found it to be taken by someone else.

But sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by ideas I have, and never find the time to pursue everything.

So, I am taking minimalist approach, by recycling what I don’t need.

I have bought about three years ago, and never found the time to work on developing something related to recognizing photos.

I have more than one idea related to that domain name:

– A web or phone app to deal with analyzing photos captured.

For example: to auto tag photos based on analysis of objects in the photo. (like it detects tree, house, people, smile,  dark…)

– Another simpler idea, a website for photos related to quizzes. Like showing a screenshot from a movie, and site visitors will try to guess which film was this shot from..

If you feel like building something based on that name, or even own the domain name yourself for reselling it later, please bid at :



England to Host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, an Unofficial Announcement

We already know, 2014 World Cup will take place in Brazil. But who will host the 2018 World Cup?

Here is the list of bidders: (click a bidder to go to his official bid website)

Belgium and Netherlands
Portugal & Spain
United States

The FIFA committee will meet in December and vote for the World Cup hosts for both 2018 and 2022 hosts.

All the bidders for 2018 World Cup are also bidding for 2022 World Cup. Below illustration shows countries bidding for both 2018 and 2022 (countries flags in the joint region of the two circles), and for countries bidding only for 2022 World Cup.


Illustration of bids for FIFA World Cup 2018/2022

In this post I will not be talking about other 2022 bidding countries, as the point here is, who I think will host the 2018 World Cup.

To make a clearer analysis I have put  a lists of pros and cons for every bid.

Belgium and Netherlands:


– No World Cup ever took place in any of these two countries

– Very good infrastructure especially in Holland

– Belgium and the Netherlands successfully hosted Euro 2000

– Excellent political and social conditions in both countries


– There is no currently a stadium with capacity of 80,000. But there is a plan to build a new one with the required capacity if they become the host. Also a  lot of work need to be done in term of upgrading existing stadiums.

– One year back, Blatter said:

“As long as we have single-country bids which provide all the necessary guarantees we will reject co-hosting bids”.

This was mostly because of financial and logistic  issues that were raised during Japan- Korea World Cup, but now FIFA seems to have changed its mind giving more chance for this to happen as long as Local Organizing Committee is created, and this is the case with this bid. But I still think, this will reduce their chance to win the bid



– Favored because of the football culture there. Football is extremely popular in England, and they are the home of football, as Blatter put it:

“I would say yes, they should bid – it is the homeland of football”

– Last time the World Cup took place in England was in 1966! More than enough time for the world cup to come back again.

– They learned from their campaign mistakes when they bid for 2006 World Cup and lost it. The campaign now has a less arrogant tone

– A lot of efforts is being put in their campaign, and a committee of influential and experienced people was created. Here are a few names:

Lord Triesman, Ex: chairman of The FA

Geoffrey Thompson, vice president of FIFA

Sebastian Coe, who led London’s successful bid for the 2012 Olympic

The campaign also has the support of respected and famous figures like Prince Williams and Beckham.

– Stadiums are available and not much upgrades need to be done.

– After inspection visit, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, Head of the six-person FIFA inspection committee, said:

“All needs and objectives of our visit were met. We have seen a full commitment of the government as well as from all candidate host cities” .


Lord Triesman case where his voice was recorded, when having (what he thought) a private conversation with a friend, suggesting Spain could drop its 2018 bid if rival bidder Russia helped bribe referees at this summer’s World Cup. Triesman has resigned from his position as chairman of the FA and the England 2018 Bid board.

– England is hosting Olympic Games on 2012 and some may not wish to give the two biggest sport events to the same country

The handbags gifts case where the English bidding team has given a luxury handbag for each wife/partner of the 24 FIFA voters. Fifa might not like this, it does not even sound right for the public. One of the voters has returned the handbag.



Never hosted the world cup before, and when we look at its successful history of football, FIFA might think, it is time for the world cup to be hosted in Russia.


–          Stadiums need an extreme amount of work and infrastructure is not well developed, big distance between cities, and smaller towns that are supposed to host games don’t  have enough accommodation.

–          Corruption is not very uncommon in Russia, even on the football level as Russian international player Alexander Bubnov warned “With the level of corruption eating into our football, it is unrealistic to be able to host a World Cup”

–          A lot of work need to be done to be ready, even Russian PM told his cabinet: “We have a range of problems over the guarantee we have given FIFA. It concerns security, taxes, customs and the timely construction of stadiums.”

–          After the inspection visit, Mayne-Nicholls said:

“We feel that after our four days in Russia we have all the information needed to submit a fair report,”

England received a much better statement, this one clearly lacks any kind of excitement.

Portugal & Spain


–         Experience in hosting major sports events

–         Available big capacity stadiums and good transportation between different cities


–         Portugal hosted Euro 2004, which is relatively recent

–         Same reason of double countries bids.

United States


–         Excellent Stadiums availability and capacity. They have seven stadiums that have more than 80,000 seats.


–         Lack of passion, as football (soccer) is not a very popular game in the states.

–         They are the bidding country to have most recently hosted the worldcup (1994) and they also hosted FIFA Women World Cup in both 1999 and 2003, so if USA is to host the world cup then FIFA will probably prefer USA bid for 2022, to give longer time range between both world cup events with the same host.

FIFA will always prefer the world cup to be hosted in  one country, Russia is not ready and does not have the best political and infrastructure condition, 2018 is still early for USA to re-host. England will definitely host the 2018 World Cup, and I don’t think we need to wait until the official announcement on the second of December.

So here I am announcing it:

England will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

PS: Uruguay will host the World Cup in 2030. Also you don’t need ten years to wait for the official announcement. I already know it.

Many Species, One Planet, One Future.

An illustration represting Many Species, One Planet, One FutureThey recently launched a new competition in my company, where we need to submit a photo, painting or an illustration related to the theme “Many Species, One Planet, One Future.”
I have created the above drawing, and am really excited about submitting it. I just need to complete the Concept Statement, then I the work will be ready for official submission.
Let me know what do you think. (I used Adobe Illustrator CS3)

The Greenest Spot in Dubai

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you live in Dubai, you almost forget that you are in a desert, except when you take your visitors for a desert safari.
The city has a plenty of public parks, golf courses and residential communities full of gardens, lakes and fountains.
I have recently moved to a place called The Green Community. A traffic-free environment with cobbled roads, bikeways, walkways, gardens and residential developments spread over an area of one million square feet.
This area currently is not very popular among Dubai residents, although it is more than 3 years old -which is quite a long time, in Dubai time concepts- probably because it is on the far edge of Dubai, near Jebal Ali.

I have been to most residential communities Dubai, but none was able to come near the Green Community in term of the greenery they had.
Other has also “greeny” names, like The Greens, The Springs, The Meadows, The Lakes, but The Green Community deserves this name more than any other. The variety of plants, flowers and tress is huge. You can even find parrots.
Finally a place in Dubai where people use their bikes to go shopping in the nearby market.
Enjoy the pictures I have taken on a quiet Thursday morning, and give the place a visit if you come to Dubai. You will be impressed, that something like this can survive the heat of the desert.

The Farthest Two Cities Apart

I recently had a discussion with friends about the longest flights they had taken, which led us to discuss the farthest cities apart.

Putting in mind that distance can be measured in unlimited ways through “straight” lines along (not through) the surface of earth because of earth’s spherical shape. But we were definitely measuring the distance in the shortest way.

The pair of cities we mentioned, before doing any research on the subject, were:

Moscow – Buenos Aires

Ottawa – Aukland

Reykjavík – Auckland

Then, further research was done. And we used this tool to measure the shortest distance between any two cities. And as no one can clearly define a city. We assumed a city is any settlement with a population of more than 100,000.

To evaluate our finding significance and the chance of finding better results we had to know that the maximum distance from any point on earth to another is about 20,020KM. (the circumference of the earth averages 40,041KM).

Our best attempt was these two cities

Punta Arenas (Chile) to Ulan Bator  (Mongolia) 19,378KM

We thought that we will not find any higher distance, because we were already almost hitting the maximum! But after more trials, we found out the world’s furthest two cities apart:

Taipei (Taiwan) to Asuncion (Paraguay) with a distance of 19,916 KM

At that point we were almost sure there will be no better result. We don’t think there are other two farthest cities apart in the world, unless someone proves us wrong.

UPDATE: Someone proved us wrong! A contributor on with the name of HopelessFlight found out two cities which are further apart than our finding:
Pakanbaru,  Indonesia to Quito, Ecuador (12,428 Miles 19,998KM) Definitely these are The Furthest Cities Apart in the world!

Update: Unbelievable! Another “” user with the name of Pklimowicz, proved that there are still two further cities!

The distance between Cordoba, Spain and Hamilton, New Zealand is 12,433 miles /  20,009 km

Thank you Philip for pointing this out!

Update (11 March 2012): A commenter names Chris found two further cities apart!

Chincha Alta, Peru – Siem Reap, Cambodia about 20,o10 km!!

Using the tool these two cities are 10 km further apart than the previously mentioned Cordoba, Spain and Hamilton, New Zealand. So let’s conclude this:

The Farthest Two Cities Apart are:

Chincha Alta, Peru – Siem Reap, Cambodia

ps: to avoid any confusion on measurements. I decided on this tool for measuring distance :

and here are the final results:

Chincha Alta, Peru – Siem Reap, Cambodia   :    20,010 km (the world’s two furthest cities apart!)

Cordoba, Spain and Hamilton, New Zealand :   20,000 km

Pakanbaru,  Indonesia to Quito, Ecuador      :    19,530 km


Brian, a commenter on this post, notified me of a more accurate way to calculate distances on earth. “The vincenty formula” is actually more accurate for Earth because the planet is not a perfect sphere.

With a strong competition in pair of cities furthest apart, having differences with a few KMs only, using Vincenty formula will change things a bit., a tool that uses Vincenty formula to calculate distances, shows

Rosario, Argentina   –  Xinghua, China : 19,996 KMs (12424.9 Miles)

to be world’s farthest cities apart!

very closely followed by

Liu’an, China  –  Río Cuarto, Argentina     19,994 KMs

Cuenca, Ecuador     Subang Jaya, Malaysia     19,989
San Rafael, Argentina     Sanmenxia, China     19,986
Shanghai, China     Concordia, Argentina     19,984
Tandil, Argentina     Zhaoyuan, China     19,984
Cuenca, Ecuador     Shah Alam, Malaysia     19,980