Selling a domain name I own:

I sometimes buy domain names, related to ideas I have. So in the future if I decide to develop an app for, I will have the name reserved for me, before I found it to be taken by someone else.

But sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by ideas I have, and never find the time to pursue everything.

So, I am taking minimalist approach, by recycling what I don’t need.

I have bought about three years ago, and never found the time to work on developing something related to recognizing photos.

I have more than one idea related to that domain name:

– A web or phone app to deal with analyzing photos captured.

For example: to auto tag photos based on analysis of objects in the photo. (like it detects tree, house, people, smile,  dark…)

– Another simpler idea, a website for photos related to quizzes. Like showing a screenshot from a movie, and site visitors will try to guess which film was this shot from..

If you feel like building something based on that name, or even own the domain name yourself for reselling it later, please bid at :



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