The Greenest Spot in Dubai

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When you live in Dubai, you almost forget that you are in a desert, except when you take your visitors for a desert safari.
The city has a plenty of public parks, golf courses and residential communities full of gardens, lakes and fountains.
I have recently moved to a place called The Green Community. A traffic-free environment with cobbled roads, bikeways, walkways, gardens and residential developments spread over an area of one million square feet.
This area currently is not very popular among Dubai residents, although it is more than 3 years old -which is quite a long time, in Dubai time concepts- probably because it is on the far edge of Dubai, near Jebal Ali.

I have been to most residential communities Dubai, but none was able to come near the Green Community in term of the greenery they had.
Other has also “greeny” names, like The Greens, The Springs, The Meadows, The Lakes, but The Green Community deserves this name more than any other. The variety of plants, flowers and tress is huge. You can even find parrots.
Finally a place in Dubai where people use their bikes to go shopping in the nearby market.
Enjoy the pictures I have taken on a quiet Thursday morning, and give the place a visit if you come to Dubai. You will be impressed, that something like this can survive the heat of the desert.


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