Bigger Search Boxes

Recently I visited, a website I often use to buy and sell used items. I was surprised to see their new search box! It is the largest search box I have ever seen. And I think might be officially the largest search box on the web!

souq new search box

Usually people tend to dislike new interface changes with websites they frequently visit, and this what seems to have happened when I asked a few friends about their opinion about this change. But I think, this was the right move; Am sure 99% of users visiting this website, know what they are looking for and will search for it. The possibility of a user browsing through categories is very small. And am sure the website designers have pages’ visits data and they know already that. So if SEARCH is the focus, why not to make it bigger. Here they made it bigger not only in width but also in height, also to give more space for bigger font, now the input font is even bold.

Other search websites have already taken this step. The most popular move was from

google search box got bigger

Google search box got bigger

Other examples also include Yahoo!

Old Yahoo Search Box

Old Yahoo! Search Box

New Yahoo! Search Box

New Yahoo! Search Box

And (a search-engine that returns results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask)

Dogpile Old Search box

Dogpile Old Search box

Dogpile New Search box

Dogpile New Search box

Another interesting Big search box I have found, was in the beautiful Nike website

Nike Big Search Box

Nike Big Search Box

It seems that good websites today have adopted two design approaches which I find very important. First, more macro and micro white-spaces (this is a good short article about whitespaces). Secondd, bigger fields. Specially when it comes to fields that need to be filled by users for searching or even for signing up. In one word, design became more focused.


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